Dental Implants

Why We Recommend Teeth Replacement

Missing teeth can make normal activities difficult. Chewing comfortably, speaking clearly, and having confidence are all impacted by tooth loss. However, missing teeth go far beyond a mere inconvenience. Remaining teeth can shift and move, causing excessive wear as a person's bite force changes. This can cause the underlying bone to break down, as well as leading to more significant tooth loss.

Many patients who visit Sheldon Family Dental located in Canton, MI, choose dental implants because they are the most lifelike and reliable way to solve the problem of tooth loss.

Dental Implants and Their Benefits

Dental implants replace the entire tooth from the root to the crown. Each dental implant is customized to complement the shape, color, and shading of surrounding teeth for a truly seamless result. Dr. Ali Ismail and Dr. Carla Ismail both have years of training and experience in placing and restoring dental implants, ensuring you receive the best possible outcome with your new implant.

Our dental implant services are a popular choice in our Canton, MI office as they provide many advantages over bridges or removable dentures, including:

Unrestricted diet – Eat all the foods you love without any restrictions. 
Long-lasting and durable – Enjoy decades of use with your new implant with the proper dental care.
Convenient daily hygiene – Brush and floss single dental implants just like your natural teeth.
Discreet – Be confident knowing your dental implants look and feel just like real teeth.
Improved facial structure – Avoid the sunken or aged facial appearance that can occur after tooth loss.

Dr. Ismail will go over every option for tooth replacement, along with their benefits and limitations, so that you can make an informed choice for your smile. 

The Dental Implant Procedure

The dental implant procedure can be broken down into a four-part process.

Evaluation and Exam – Gum disease, decay, and other dental diseases can impact implant success. Our Canton, MI dental team will help you attain optimal oral health before we get started. Your new dental implants will require healthy bone for support. 

Surgical Placement – Your comfort is essential to us! Dr. Ali or Dr. Carla will fully numb the implant area before beginning your procedure. Post-surgical recovery is typically problem-free and easy to manage with our team's expert guidance.

Healing and Integration – Your dental implant needs ample time to integrate fully. In essence, your new dental implant will become part of your body over the following 3-4 months. Dr. Ismail will provide detailed follow-up instructions and arrange regular checkups to monitor your healing.

Dental Crown Placement – Our dentists' eyes for perfection ensures a dental implant crown that looks just like your natural teeth. Implant crowns are typically made of porcelain, which is known for its durability and beauty.

Implant-Retained Dentistry 

Are you missing multiple teeth or a full arch? While single dental implant surgeries are available, many patients choose implant-supported bridges or dentures to restore their smiles.

Getting the Most from Your Dental Implants

Excellent home care and regular checkups and cleanings at Sheldon Family Dental are the best insurance when it comes to taking care of your dental implants and your natural teeth!

Do You Have Questions about Dental Implants?

We are here to help. If you have any additional questions, please contact us or book an appointment with one of our dentists. Our warm and friendly team looks forward to speaking with you.